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where the north begins

Smeaton, Saskatchewan, is a small community of fewer than 200 residents, situated at Mile Zero of the Hanson Lake Road. We like to think we live "where the north begins". To the north of us are many lakes and the highway leading to Flin Flon and Creighton. To the south of us is the Fort a la Corne Forest, where diamond exploration companies hope to prove up diamond mines in the world's largest kimberlite deposits.


Smeaton is a quiet, friendly community midway between Prince Albert and Nipawin, on Highway 55, at the start of the Hanson Lake Road.  We have low taxes and utility bills. High speed internet and cell phone services are available in our area.
Smeaton has a large Recreation Centre boasting a large gym, skating and curling rinks. Students are bused to the Choiceland School, twelve miles away. Our Health Centre is open five days a week where a nurse is available,and a doctor or nurse practitioner is available one afternoon a week. Businesses include a hotel and restaurant, Co-Op filling station, Co-Op Grocery Store, Credit Union, tearoom and craft store, insurance agency, plus various home-based businesses. Smeaton services a thriving farming area as well as game outfitters, game farms, and saskatoon berry farm. .
We have an RCMP detachment. The area is protected by a conscientous volunteer fire department and most of their members are First Responders.
The community has built and is running a care home for seniors called North Haven, which houses 19 seniors. The Home provides local employment and a secure home for seniors can no longer live in their own homes.
Smeaton welcomes new residents. We hope to benefit from the diamond exploration ongoing in the Fort a la Corne Forest south of us. The largest kimberlite deposits in the world occur about eight miles due south of Smeaton. Don't wait for the diamond rush to establish your place in our community!

2005 Centennial Parade
Jim Ahle with the 1924 John Deere followed by the In Motion kids.

The Ahle brothers welcome visitors to town

Link to Smeaton Quilts

Link to Smeaton Hotel


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