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How to reach us

The newsletter is created in Smeaton, Saskatchewan, by  Annette Kirby and Esther Chamberlain and many dedicated volunteers. The original idea was Pat Spicer's and came out of the Smeaton Improvement Meetings in 2003. We have been funding the project with ads and Community Potlucks. Local businesses have been very supportive.

We now email the newsletter to Prince Albert to get printed at PA Fastprint because we could no longer justify using our home printer for that volume of printing. We make the newsletter available to everyone living between Weirdale and Love along  Highway 55.  Currently we distribute 1100 copies of the newsletter and make it available through email, by Canada Post, and on this website. If you wish to have a copy mailed to you anywhere in Canada, let us know. We charge a subscription of $15 a year. Give us your email address if you want to be added to our "newsletter recipients" list. Currently we do not charge for email delivery of the newsletter.

We began funding the newsletter with community potlucks, but have found it unnecessary as ads and subscriptions, not to mention, donations, now cover all our costs of printing and distribution.

We shared the proceeds of a Mother's Day Breakfast with the local Homeless Cat Shelter. They feed and shelter around fifty cats and need our help for supplies and neutering costs. Contact Tina Hordal or Tracy Butterfield if you are interested in adopting a cat or two.

We are pleased with the interest shown in our little newspaper and hope to be able to print our local news for many months to come. Contact us if you have articles or comments.

If you have a story to tell, please contact us. As 2005 is Saskatchewan's Centennial Year, we wish to print your memories of the early days in this disrtict. Let us know what your kids or grandkids are up to. Also contact us if you have property for sale or an event to publicize. Contact Esther or Annette at their home phone numbers or send an email to: